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With an experience of 5 years in Business Analysis, after working in companies as TCS and Infosys, Amrita Yadav joined a local gym with an intention of self-grooming. She was fascinated with the aerobics’ classes and ultimately ended up joining one.

Seeing her quick progress and a gripping interest in the subject, Amrita’s instructor advised her to peruse the field. He advised Amrita that she become an instructor herself.

Thus, Amrita Yadav’s journey began!

In 2010, she became a certified Zumba instructor, post which, she taught Zumba for two years. She discovered her entrepreneur anew. It is never easy to quit a secured IT Job, but Amrita decided to follow her passion nonetheless.

She began her career as an entrepreneur and has come a long way since.

In 2012, Amrita Yadav became a Zumba Marketing Agent in Pune, post which she incepted her new firm by the name of VibeZ DFA. Within two years, VibeZ grew to become the largest team of instructors in Pune, 25 to be precise, with several classes spread all over the city.

Lastly, post introducing Piloxing on Indian fitness grounds, she started organizing Piloxing trainings and Poundfit trainings across India. She launched piloxing, poundfit in 2015, 2017 correspondingly in India.

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